Self-priming centrifugal pumps

VAR Series – These pumps are used in applications with a quick self-priming capacity up to a suction lift of 7.5 m. The open impeller allows passage of solids with large diameter. The open blade impeller allows the passage of solids of large diameter.

Submersible pumps

Submersible cast iron pumps designed for dewatering and civil engineering applications.

Vacuum assisted self priming pumps

PAS and WEL ECO – The vacuum assisted pumps use a vacuum pump to speed up priming, that is, the initial pumping stage where the air must be removed from the suction duct to allow the liquid to reach the pump.

Piston pumps

The WEL range of self-priming, quick and automatic pumps is designed for high flow rate wellpoint applications. The high-performance WEL PST model is suitable for heavy-duty applications that require 24 hours of operation per day and is characterised by its maximum fuel efficiency. Il modello WEL PST ad alte prestazioni è idoneo per applicazioni heavy-duty che richiedono 24 ore di funzionamento al giorno e si contraddistingue per la massima efficienza nei consumi.

Tank Pump

Vacuum assisted electric pumps designed for the drainage of low-permeability soils (silt, silty-clayey), where the flow rates to be pumped are small, variable and with high air contents.