Varisco Wellpoint - Metanodotto Pavia

Pavia Gas Pipeline

On behalf of a prominent international Oil&Gas company, Varisco Wellpoint developed the drainage works for the construction of a 54-inch gas pipeline in Lombardy. The presence of a very high water table required the use of WEL ECO high-flow rate machines and a wellpoint system parallel to the pipeline to ensure lowering of the groundwater 24 hours a day. Direct support on site and machine repairs were essential services to guarantee the success of the work.
The WEL ECO range is able to manage large quantities of air, while keeping the wellpoint system at vacuum. At the same time it ensures drainage to allow excavation operations thanks to the semi-open impeller, also suitable for pumping liquids containing suspended solids.

Technical specifications:
Solid handling passage with diameter up to 76 mm
• Patented air separation system, designed and built to handle large quantities of water mixed with air.