Varisco Wellpoint - Passante di Mestre

Mestre Bypass Road

A prominent consortium of companies commissioned the construction of the Mestre bypass road to be set up in 3 years. Varisco Wellpoint provided support in the construction of the wellpoint plant and dealt with high efficiency pumping systems (WEL TANK). The solution included wellpoint plants ranging from 100 to 300 m each with high efficiency and low energy impact electric pumps (4kw of power). The project was carried out within the required time frame thanks to the technologies implemented and support in the field.

The WEL TANK automatic vacuum assisted pump is suitable for applications with variable groundwater flow rate and level requirements. Equipped with an electric motor, it is extremely quiet, energy efficient as well as ideal for use in residential areas.

Technical specifications:
• variable flow rate up to 274 m3/h;
• maximum power absorbed 4 kW;
• maximum head up to 24m.

Varisco Wellpoint - Passante di Mestre